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Hey I’m Chris! A blogger, coach, author, creator, and doer.

A guy who believes in thinking big, doing what he loves, and never giving up.

I’ve been hustling since I was a kid. I’ve mastered my life through endless discipline, sacrifice, and commitment. I started earning six figures in my mid-twenties. After earning a million dollars by thirty in a “normal job,” I was unfulfilled and wanted more. I took the leap of faith, quit - and never looked back. 

My coaching style is raw and real - no secrets and no BS. The way real life should be played (not some fairytale). I’m here to help you figure out and build your dream career.

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Strategy Session.

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Strategy Session.

Online Learning.

Email Course.

Strategy Session.

Online Learning.

Email Course.





Tired of setting goals each New Year only to quit? All while feeling burnt out and exhausted.

I created The Ultimate 5 Day Goal Setting Course to help you set and achieve your goals every month.

Learn my proven framework to stay consistent on your journey.


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Book a free strategy session with me! I will help you to take the first step towards action (the most important one).

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Learn how to create a clear picture of your goals in 5 days. Let me show you what works and how to obtain consistent results.

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Gain instant access to my personal Action Plan. Let me show you how to build your dream career once and for all.

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"Improving my leadership skills helped me get a promotion while working fewer hours."


"I overcame my fear of failure. I finally believe that I have what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur."


"My only regret is that I didn't hire Chris sooner! He truly is amazing at what he does. I now have a path of where I want to go in life, a vision."


"I had a great experience with Chris's coaching. He is a great listener, especially at the beginning to get to know me and my personal goals. I look forward to working with him again."


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