"A game-changer for the next generation."
- Rikkert Vos, CEO Aeromni Aerospace

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The world is changing faster than ever

People are more disengaged, disconnected, and uncertain about their future. Navigating turbulent times is the new norm.

Chris has over 14 years of experience navigating change in uncertain and ever-changing environments. A former Commercial Helicopter Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Hover to Fly expert. Chris has a proven track record of overcoming career uncertainties in high-stress and high-pressure situations while seizing new opportunities.

Chris’s inspirational/motivational keynotes provide a practical and actionable toolkit for students, leaders, and organizations. This will allow them to unlock the tools necessary to engage in their work and with others, navigate adversity while creating clarity, and seize each new opportunity.

"Captures the audience's attention and delivers powerful, inspiring messages."

-James Freidrich, Founder Venturing Up

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Keynote Topics

Hover to Fly

Navigate Turbulent Times

A leadership framework to engage together, persevere forward, and seize new opportunities.

14-year aviator, entrepreneur, and career expert Chris Wilson helps you with his 4-step Hover to Fly framework to connect, engage, and navigate what’s next. You’ll walk away with specific tools to make key decisions and drive future success. 

The Hover to Fly framework prioritizes what’s happening now rather than what might happen later. People who embrace this framework are inspired and motivated to take that first step toward change. They feel confident moving forward and flying toward what they want most.

The Keynote serves leaders:

Facing uncertainty and turbulent times. 
Are disconnected and disengaged. 
Struggling to keep up with fast-paced changing times. 

The audience will leave with:

Framework to unlock the tools necessary to engage in their work and with others. 
Blueprint for navigating adversity while creating clarity. 
Map to guide them to seize every new opportunity.
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"Chris gives an inspiring talk about his journey of pursuing his dreams, facing massive setbacks and using his persistence to achieve success.  It's a must-see for anyone looking for more in their professional life"
- Jason Goto, Founder AnalysisWorks

Chris’s motivational keynote talks are impact-driven and designed to help navigate career uncertainties.
Chris delivers a memorable performance.
Reliable, respectful, and a drama-free experience.
Career development thought leader.
Youthful experience, positive energy, and practical takeaways. 
A powerful storyteller with real-life experiences. 
Chris goes above and beyond.
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7 Reasons to Book Chris to Speak

"Ability to tell an intriguing story and relate to common problems"

- Reid Bowering, Vancouver Warriors Pro Lacrosse Athlete

Inspirational and Motivational Keynote Speaker Chris Wilson


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In addition to delivering an outstanding and highly actionable motivational keynote presentation, Chris will show up for your people. Whenever possible he’ll stay for photos, connections, and engage with your group and team.
More Support
‍‍After his presentation, Chris will share his slides and a 1-page document with key takeaways for audiences to engage with. Chris will review audience feedback and is happy to discuss planning a 6-month follow-up discussion or group interactive workshop, so your team can keep flying, long after Chris’s keynote. 
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