By Chris Wilson

Optimal Wealth: Break the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle on Your Way to Financial Freedom - Create A Healthy Relationship With Money!

By Chris M Wilson

In this book, I will simplify how to manage money and how to create a healthy relationship with it. Being broke and living paycheck to paycheck is surviving, not living. I’ve gone from being broke; $55,000 in debt, to making over six figures while working less! This book provides the information you need to make a positive transformation with money forever!

Free Bonus Blueprints download - Financial Budget Blueprint, Financial Goal-Setting Blueprint, and Net Worth Blueprint included.

“Written for Young Entrepreneurs with Ageless Wisdom.”

- Tom

“Practical, Accessible, & Student Friendly.”

- Ryan

“Fundamentals of dealing with money.”

- Mickey

“The simplest book about investing for Canadians!”

- Pete

“Closed the deal! Started my new chapter!”

- Jennifer

“A great wellness and nutrition guide.”

- Ioana

“A thoughtful well written book”

- David

“A great read for creating better daily habits.”

- Brianna

How To Achieve Optimal Health: A Practical Guide to Optimize Exercise, Nutrition, and Goals

By Chris M Wilson

In this book, I offer a practical nine-step guide that will show you how to create a healthy environment, set goals, track your progress, improve nutrition, and take control of your mindset. I draw from my previous fifteen years of weighting/dieting experience that helped me get into the best mental and physical shape of my life.

Free Bonus Worksheet download - Access to our 9-step worksheet included! This will help you progress and track your fitness journey along the way.