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While I don’t have all of the answers, I do have 25,000 + hours of experience navigating change, making adjustments, and figuring out what works.


My life at a glance


I was born in Toronto, Canada.


I decided to move across the country (at age 18) to British Columbia for post-secondary education. I didn’t know a single person but knew I wanted to chase my dreams.


I was at the top of my field as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer servicing helicopters, earning over six figures a year, yet I was unfulfilled.


I knew there was more to my career and life. I started to search for more, pursuing multiple side projects to find out what I truly love to do - and create a life doing it. 


I quit my successful 14-year career in aviation (where I earned a million dollars) and pursued something completely different. I dove into my online business head first, hoping to make an impact in someone else’s life.

Here’s the truth;

I didn’t get into this business to help myself - quite the opposite actually. I created this business to impact others in a positive way. I’ve been hustling since I was a kid. I’ve mastered my life through endless discipline, sacrifice, and commitment. I started earning six figures in my mid-twenties. After earning a million dollars by thirty in a “normal job,” I was unfulfilled and wanted more. I took the leap of faith and quit - and never looked back. 

My coaching style is raw and real - no secrets and no BS. The way real life should be played (not some fairytale). I’m here to help you (figure out) and build your dream career. 

I pride myself on being someone who has dealt with the highs and lows (which exposes your true character). I understand the hardships and struggles that life throws at you. I knew building my own business and switching careers entirely would be challenging. In fact, that’s what I love most about it - the challenge, the unknown, the chaos. 

I get the never-ending hunger to succeed. Keep going until you win, no matter what. Not long ago, I had a vision that would change my life entirely. A vision of a business that helps people around the world to keep progressing, and to live.

To keep charging forward, no matter the circumstances. 

I wasn’t handed some silver spoon or handouts to get where I am today. Drive, determination, a good attitude and grit have got me here. Belief and action have been my best friends in getting this far. And I know all about executing both to the highest levels. 

But, remember this isn’t about me… It’s about you! All of my experiences are the key to helping you make the necessary changes. I’m not some young person online claiming to be a professional, yet never worked a day in my life. 

I know what it takes to dig deep and earn what you want. 
And I can most definitely help you do the same. 

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Every successful person knows that going at it alone is a recipe for failure.

My story

Chris Wilson is a driven, young, forward-thinking entrepreneur. He is a risk-taker, motivator, and doer. At the age of eighteen, he moved across the country by himself to pursue his vision. By twenty-five, he had made his first six-figure year. By thirty he earned a million dollars in Aircraft Maintenance. Chris is known for being respectful, professional, and reliable. 

He’s a former fitness competitor and health junkie. Chris has weight trained for over fifteen years and competed for five of them. This is where he developed various qualities such as discipline and dedication from. 

By Chris’s mid-twenties he had achieved success across many different areas including health, wealth, family, relationships, career, and living life to the fullest each day. He enjoys travelling, snowboarding, helping others, and riding his motorcycle.

He’s a lifelong student. He loves to learn, read and grow daily. Chris has invested over 25,000 hours into his previous profession and knows what it’s like to be at the top of your game. His passion for personal growth and success is limitless.

Chris has helped numerous people across Canada, the United States and the UK with personal and career development. He is a master in navigating change and helping others to streamline their processes to get consistent results.  

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