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July 11, 2022

Do your days suck? Is being home more often for work and play end up boring you? Don’t you feel terrific when you have those days of non-stop productivity? It’s incredible when it happens, but your day is likely filled with distractions, a lack of focus, and negativity. Want to fix this? Keep reading.

I’ll show you how to have a great day in today's blog post! Whether you are just starting your day at home or staying there all day. These tools increase productivity and get essential things done in the shortest amount of time.

“Don’t have a good day, have a great day!” -Blue Shirt Guy (Free Guy movie)

Is it just me, or is everyone trying to figure out how to improve their daily productivity routine, but nothing seems to work?

I would like to think I’m a master of focus and deep work. I rarely have issues locking in productive days, weeks, months, and years.

Doing what’s necessary is often more challenging than it sounds, and for most people, it’s hard to stay consistent for even a week, let alone a month.

Here’s my strategy to have a great day regarding your productivity!

-Start your Day Early

-Focus on Positivity

-Drink water

-3 key tasks

Let’s dive deeper into these four ways to have a great day.

Start Your Day Early

Yes, it can be tough to wake up sometimes. Your bed is warm, comfortable, and feels right. Starting your day early will be difficult for certain people and easier for others. Do you consider yourself a morning person or a night person?

If you have no issues waking up at six or seven a.m., you are likely a morning person. On the other side, if you have no problems staying up until one or two a.m. at night, you are most likely a night person.

I am most definitely a morning person. I look forward to waking early and taking control of my day. That’s exactly what you can do by starting your day early - control the early part of your day.

It’s highly effective because how you start your day is usually how you end it. If you can get into the habit of rising early and getting off to a good start, you have a much better chance of continuing that momentum throughout the day.

Early could be subjective. It could be five in the morning for some or seven for others. Whatever time you deem early should allow you more than enough time to get ready for work, eat a healthy meal, drink some water, and have time where you don’t feel rushed going out the door.

If you’re rushing in the morning and don’t have enough time to do what you must do. Try to wake up thirty minutes earlier than you currently are.

Focus on Positivity

What’s the first thing you look at, surround yourself with, and read early in the morning? Is it the news? The media? Or other negative pieces of information?

Having a great day starts with the morning and how you perceive the day. If you get into a negative mindset right off the bat, it will be tough to break out of it. That’s why I want you to focus on only positive things in the morning.

You could read a book, write in a journal, envision achieving your future goals, or be grateful to be alive.

When you focus on the positive, guess what you get? More positive results, feelings, interactions, and reactions from yourself and the others around you.

Here’s a quick test you can try if you don’t believe me. The next time you interact with someone (who you don’t know), talk with no positive expression on your face, don’t smile and don’t look excited. Did the other person smile or seem excited either?

On another person in a similar situation, interact with them and have a massive smile on your face, compliment them, make them laugh, and ask them how they are doing. What results? They smile, laugh, are in the conversation, and you brighten your day. Win, win.

Nine times out of ten, you will see these results with this test. Of course, you may get a solid brick wall of someone with zero emotions. You’re on your own for this :).

Drink Water

How many times have I mentioned this on my blog? A LOT. But, it must be repeated again and again. To have a great day and be super productive, you must be clear-minded and feel great.

You must take care of yourself, so you feel that way. Drink water. 500mL to 1 Liter is my short answer. As soon as you wake up, your body is dehydrated. You’ve spent the last seven, eight, or nine-plus hours without drinking or eating.

Drinking water will give you energy, make you feel more awake, improve your skin, enhance the shuttling of nutrition, and more. It must be a priority if you want a great day.

If you live off of nine coffees a day and four red bulls, you will get headaches, feel like crap, and be unable to make intelligent decisions. Productivity is about decision-making and focus. So drink more water and drink it as soon as you wake up.

Want more info to live a healthy life? Read my book here.

3 Key tasks

How many things do you need to do today? 5? 10? 25? It’s time to cut this list down substantially. To have a great day, you must focus on what’s IMPORTANT. While doing the laundry, taking your dog for a walk, or picking up a package may seem important - it’s not. These are merely tasks to check off, nothing more.

When you start your day, write down three key tasks that will get you closer to your MAIN GOAL. What’s the most important thing you are trying to achieve right now? Are you trying to save more money? Trying to get a new job? Looking at new habits you can build?

Whatever it is, you must focus on three things each day that will get you closer to this end goal. Cut out all the crap. Cut out all of the other 20 tasks, like taking out the garbage. I’m not saying to do these other low-level tasks. But you must know (and focus on) these three important tasks day after day.

Try and tick off these three tasks every day. Set new ones each day, and keep it going! If you do this consistently, you will become a powerhouse of productivity.


Well, there you have it. As you can see, having a great day is not only about habits. It’s about having a good flow for the day, surrounding yourself with positivity, staying clear-minded, and having a plan.

Here are my four keys to having a GREAT day once again:

-Start your Day Early

-Focus on Positivity

-Drink water

-3 key tasks

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Chris M Wilson

Chris M Wilson is a career coach, entrepreneur, blogger, author, creator, and doer. He is passionate about helping people leave the job they hate and jump into their dream careers!

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