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August 9, 2022

Want to streamline and simplify your life? Learn about the 5 essentials I carry daily to help me stay on track, stay focused, and most importantly, be productive every day. All these items help me perform daily tasks, such as checking in on social media, answering emails, connecting with friends and family, and achieving deep focus. 

These 5 items are things that I have on me. Whether in my pockets or on my wrist, they are tools and things I love using and can suggest to pick up yourself. The links will be provided below each item if you’re interested in picking anything up yourself.

My top 5 Essentials - Daily Carry Series

1. iPhone 12 Pro Max

2. Apple Watch Series 7

3. Apple AirPods Pro

4. RayBan Justin Classic Sunglasses

5. Apple Leather Wallet

Let’s dive deeper into the items and how they help me perform my daily tasks.

Essential # 1 - iPhone 12 Pro Max

I recently switched from Android to Apple for my phone in late 2021. The last iPhone I had was the 4s when they started to get popular. 

I can say WOW! iPhones are genuinely user-friendly, easy to use, and straightforward. I love the 12 pro max for the size and power it has.

A smartphone is a key essential for everyone these days. The device allows me to check and post on social media, use Gmail, check my calendar, budget my money, connect with people, brands, and so much more. 

A phone that is easy to use (which is also powerful) is a key tool I need for my business and job every day. I can’t recommend the Apple iPhone enough since switching back to it. I’ve had many different brands, including; Sony, Samsung, Huawei, and Apple.

While I love Samsung phones and what they offer, nothing quite beats the iPhone, in my opinion. You will pay a premium for an iPhone (which also doesn’t include a charging block), but I think it’s worth the extra cash you get. 

Pick up your next iPhone here!

Essential # 2 - Apple Watch Series 7 

Oh, how I love my Apple Watch. This is the first Apple watch I’ve ever had, and it’s exactly what I imagined it would be like and so much more. Since I recently returned to an iPhone, I also decided to get into the Apple ecosystem. 

This explains why I am using and recommending so many Apple products in today’s post! The Series 7 Apple watch is the latest and greatest in the watch family. It has the biggest screen and most options of any other watch. 

This watch is stylish, and you can dress it up or down no matter what type of style you are trying to portray. Apple offers a ton of different watch bands, so you can get something for every occasion, whether you’re working out or going to a business meeting. 

The watch gives me text notifications, emails, calendar schedules, and more.  I can take calls from my watch, listen to music while I work out from it, and track all sorts of different exercises with ease. 

It acts as an excellent tool for your fitness and health. The Series 7 offers an ECG mode as well as heart rate monitoring. There is even a great emergency calling mode feature. If you take a fall or hard impact, it will ask you if you are ok or need any emergency attention. This is a vast feature, and I love this for people of all ages. 

The one downfall of the Apple Watch is that once I got it, I found that I rarely wore any of my other analog watches. I have several other watches that now sit in a case and get very minimal use. I think this is in tune with what Apple wants - is for the customer to use their product alone day and night. 

Get an Apple Watch Series 7 here.

Essential # 3 - Apple AirPods Pro

Yet another Apple product I carry on the daily. The Apple AirPods Pro noise cancelling headphones. These little earbuds are excellent and some of the best I have ever used!

I’m big into high-quality sound and music, so having headphones that are portable yet pack a powerful punch is important. One of the best features of the AirPods Pro is the different sound modes you can enter. 

There are 3 modes: Transparency Mode, Off mode, and Noise Cancelling Mode. The transparency mode allows more sound to come in, thus great for when you’re walking on a busy street or taking transit. The off mode is great to use daily when you want good sound. Noise cancelling is best for airplanes or busy coffee shops when you want to fully immerse yourself in a project. 

Another fantastic feature of these headphones is the included charging case. The Airpods last approximately 4 hours on their own. Then the charging case holds another 24 hours of listening time. Every time you put the AirPods back in the case (which is very small and compact), they will charge back up. 

I also love to take calls on these earbuds. The sound is good, and the microphones do the job. I wouldn’t say the call quality is the best, but they do a fine job for what I need on the go. 

Pick up your next set of Apple AirPods Pro here!

Essential # 4 - Rayban Justin Classic Sunglasses 

Protecting my eyes from the sun is essential. My go-to pair of sunglasses are the Rayban Justin Classics. I have a couple of different pairs with polarized lenses. 

They look fabulous no matter what I wear. Easy to travel with and bring around with the protective hard carrying case. I have both the black and tortoise colours which look great. 

No matter what time of year, you must be careful of the sun's intense rays. Especially here in Canada, we get lots of snow reflecting the sun, which can cause some very bright winter days. 

Having a pair of sunglasses that are stylish, functional, and look good is important to me. The Raybans don’t disappoint; if you haven’t tried them before, check them out. 

Pick up some Justin Classics here!

Essential # 5 - Apple Leather Wallet

While I don’t want it to seem like I am only promoting Apple products, these are key essentials I have on and with me every day. These are all products I believe in and think work great together. 

Over the past several years, I’ve gone to a slim minimal wallet. It first started with turning my traditional flip wallet into something smaller and more compact from Herschel. This created fewer things I needed to carry. Less weight and a better overall experience carrying my essentials.

Since then, I have mainly used the Apple Leather Wallet in a saddle brown colour. Not only does this wallet look great, but it is also incredibly slim and compact. It also has MagSafe, which magnetizes my iPhone 12 Pro Max to the back. 

I have the latest generation of the wallet, which also will notify me via a phone notification when it has been removed in excess of 60 seconds. It will send me a message of the last location of the wallet when it was removed. 

This is a great feature in case you happened to take your wallet off of the back of your phone and forgot it at a store. The one downfall of this wallet is its very compact size (which is also a plus). 

It can only hold a maximum of 3 cards. I usually carry a driver's license, credit card, and debit card. Three cards are even tight with this wallet. I’d say two would be better, but I always feel comfortable having 3 cards on me. 

Pick up your next Apple Wallet here!

The great benefit of having a lot of Apple products on me each day, such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Apple Wallet, is they all work seamlessly together. The watch and headphones pair immediately when used, and the wallet uses the MagSafe function found on the latest iPhones.

These 5 daily essentials keep me on track and prepared to tackle what the day throws at me. I use these daily and love how simple and effective they all work together. I can get work done from these items, connect with friends and family, and fall into deep focus. 

Be sure to read more posts on the blog, I’ve posted consistently for over 2 years! 

Chris M Wilson

Chris M Wilson is a career coach, entrepreneur, blogger, author, creator, and doer. He is passionate about helping people leave the job they hate and jump into their dream careers!

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