A Reflection on the Chapters, Triumphs, and Lessons of the Past Year



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December 26, 2023

I cannot believe 2023 is already gone and will soon be behind us… It seems like time is flying by year by year. Do you feel the same? 

I wanted to reflect on this year's chapters, triumphs, and lessons. As well as provide some valuable insights along the way. 

As the sun sets on another year, it's only fitting to take a moment to pause, look back, and reflect on the incredible journey we've embarked on together. 

Join me as I navigate the corridors of time, revisiting the highs, lows, and unforgettable milestones that have shaped the narrative of the past twelve months.

A Symphony of Achievements

Cozumel Dive Trip

My journey kicked off with a bang as we ventured to the beautiful Cozumel, Mexico, for a week of scuba diving! 

Sometimes, you don’t know when your own (trip of a lifetime) will come. This felt like one of those trips. 

Diving 18 times in 6 days, we dove with barracuda, nurse sharks, and octopus. We even went on multiple night dives where you can only see what your light showed in front of you!

This was my first full “diving trip” even though I had dived in multiple locations and countries. It is truly an amazing experience to be submerged in the water with nothing to do but explore. 

This started the year off strong with something fun and rewarding.

The TED Conference

But the journey didn't stop there. In the subsequent chapters of the year, I continued to push boundaries and exceed expectations. 

I attended the one and only TED Conference in Vancouver, Canada. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. 

This is a testament to an unwavering commitment to excellence, growth, and never-ending learning. 

For those who don’t know, TED is a 5-day conference that immerses you with speakers, networking, activities, and much more. 

It started in 1984 and has been going strong ever since. I had the opportunity to attend via investment (this is a reminder always to continue investing in yourself), and don’t regret it. 

I had conversations with the TED CEO, a billionaire, and many more amazing and impact-driven humans. 

It gave me a sense of inspiration, hope, and determination to do more with my life than work, pay a mortgage, and die.

Week With Family

As the seasons changed, so did my pursuits. 

Spending a week with my family in Ontario marked a pivotal moment, reminding us of the importance of family, connection, and time. 

Quality time is less and less these days with distractions, distance, and everyone doing different things in their lives. 

I spent a week with my parents and brothers at a cottage on the water. 

We kayaked and cooked marshmallows (on a gas fire) because there was a fire ban, so we weren’t allowed to make a real fire.

We ate some of the best bagels I’ve ever had in my entire life. Fire over bagels that are cooked in the same spot as pizza.

I golfed with my brothers and dad, had many laughs, and made more memories.

Navigating Challenges: A Tale of Growth

Amidst the victories, we encountered our fair share of challenges. 

Each obstacle became an opportunity for growth, and every setback became a valuable lesson. 

From running a business full-time to managing relationships, I faced adversity head-on and emerged stronger than ever.

Some days, you come out stronger than others. 

Running something full-time can be stressful, tiring, and full-on. 

Sometimes, it feels like it’s hard to do, and I’m unsure of the right path. 

I’ve learned that consistency and believing in myself are key. 

To perform small tasks daily and to get the most important work done. 

I also found it extremely important to operate from my values.

This allowed me to decide with time, people, and what to say yes/no to. 

Milestones that Painted the Canvas of Success

My journey was about achievements and the small, significant moments that coloured the tapestry of success. 

From spending a weekend in Montreal that brought smiles to my face to the amazing nights spent in Banff sleeping in a camper van that touched my heart, these milestones enriched the narrative.

A common thread of my year's highlights has not been the accomplishments and achievements (even though I felt like I’ve done a lot). 

But also the quality time spent with others. 

The travel and the adventure.

The time spent exploring, wondering, and sitting in awe at new places, eating new foods, and meeting new people. 

Looking Forward: The Road Ahead

As we bid farewell to the year gone by, our gaze shifts to the horizon of possibilities that the coming year holds. 

The lessons learned, the triumphs celebrated, and the growth experienced pave the way for an even more remarkable journey ahead.

2024 is no doubt going to be a massive year for me. 

I can’t wait to continue down this road and see the future. 

I’m currently planning a cruise to Hawaii and Alaska in Q2. 

In the early part of the year, I may travel for work and invest more in my speaking and personal development. 

I’m planning to go to more work-related conferences to network with more people and build more quality connections. 

I want to take my business to the next level, creating more impact in Vancouver and beyond. Through speaking, coaching, and with the community I run, Mentee.

In closing, I express my deepest gratitude to you, our readers and supporters, for being an integral part of my journey. 

As the final chapter of this year concludes, I eagerly await the unwritten pages of the next. 

Here's to new beginnings, fresh challenges, and a future filled with limitless possibilities.

Cheers to the journey, and onwards to new horizons!

I hope you’re as excited for 2024 as I am; here’s a Career Flight Plan Cheat Sheet to get you on the right path. 

Chris M Wilson

Chris M Wilson is a career coach, entrepreneur, blogger, author, creator, and doer. He is passionate about helping people leave the job they hate and jump into their dream careers!

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