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March 21, 2022

Today marks a special occasion on the blog, this is my 100th post in a row. 100 Weeks of continually delivering the blog every Monday without a hitch. Whether I was travelling for work, fun, busy with life, at family/friends, or had a full plate of other obligations or not.

Let’s talk about why commitment is all you need to take control of and dominate your life once and for all.

Commitment means to be dedicated to something. No matter what you want to be dedicated to is up to you. If you want to own your craft and truly be next level at something, you need to be committed.

What is Real Commitment?

Real commitment is to do something day in and day out no matter what. Long-term thinking and long-term views can help you stay committed for longer. It may take you years to dial in your habits and reach certain goals.

I know for myself it took about 10,000 hours of weightlifting and focusing on nutrition to ultimately be at the top of my game.

When you want something badly enough you must be willing to put in the workday in and day out to get it. Results take time and patience/practice is critical to moving forward.

Thinking Long-Term

It helps me to think long-term when staying committed to something. I understand that things take time and I must have a long-term vision when it comes to any progression in life.

This is how I’ve taken the commitment to this blog. I realize that helping people online and to be seen as an expert takes time. Building up value in posts and increasing my traffic will happen in time.

Small steps lead to bigger results in the long run. Focus on chipping away at smaller tasks and items to get closer to those bigger goals you seek to accomplish.

Instant gratification is a huge problem when it comes to commitment. This is a short-term and immediate view. These two things aren’t good for your future and will only keep you hungry and searching to fill a void.

Your Why

In order to be really committed to your craft, it helps to have the deep meaning as to “why” you want something.

It’s great to want to get into amazing shape and feel good, but what is the deeper why that’s pushing you towards this life? If you can develop a meaningful why about your goals and life you will no doubt stay committed 10 X longer than if you just do something to do it.

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Track Your Commitments

Rooting for yourself is great and all, but being able to see your streaks and consistency will really push you to that next level.

This is why I like to track my habits daily. The important things I need (and want) to do will help me become the person I want to be. This simple act of tracking helps to see current run streaks and promotes small wins.

Seeing a streak on the app on my phone helps me to stay even more committed. Once you get on and see the streak visually you want to keep it going. I once meditated for over 650 + days in a row…

The app I use Headspace tracked the run streak and was motivating me to keep going and try not to break it. Almost 2 years straight of meditation is what it brought out of me. Not bad right…

Successful people are highly committed to their craft. They understand that their daily consistencies lead to world-class results. If you wish to reach greatness in your life follow this one piece of advice - stay committed.

Think Quality over Quantity

How could anyone possibly be committed to every single thing in their life with a complete obsession? The answer is you can’t. This leads us to my next point - think in terms of quality of commitments, not quantity.

If you try and commit to 15 different things in your life you will be burnt out and probably fall apart in the process with little to no results.

Commitments take time and effort. By focusing to commit to fewer items in your days you will reap bigger results in those areas. Let’s say you want to focus on saving money, getting in better shape, and creating better relationships with friends/family around you. I’d say this is a great number of tasks to really commit to.

You’d then need to gain more clarity on each given area and figure out exactly what you want to accomplish in each (the goals).

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What are you committed to in your life? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. 100 weeks have passed and I don’t regret writing any of these posts. I’ll continue to provide value (for free) here to help you grow in many different areas of your life.

Chris M Wilson

Chris M Wilson is a career coach, entrepreneur, blogger, author, creator, and doer. He is passionate about helping people leave the job they hate and jump into their dream careers!

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